The new Motel Mirrors LP needs your help


Most of you know about my band with Amy LaVere, Motel Mirrors. You may not know that some time ago, Amy married Austin guitarist, singer, and songwriter Will Sexton, and now he’s in the band too, thankfully. So what started out as a side-project for Amy and I to sing duets has blossomed into a new band with three singers and writers all collaborating and contributing. (The guitar playing is pretty fun, too).

We booked a week at Scott Bomar’s Electraphonic Recording and about a week beforehand sat down in Amy and Will’s kitchen and wrote a record (they cooked, too). We need your help to finish it. We’re using 8-track 1″ tape with no computer, the way great records used to be made. It’s been an exciting process and we all think we have something special and that you’re going to love this record. But we need your help to pay for it. Please check out our Indie Go Go campaign and think about supporting us if you can.

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