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“…track after track of sharp pop melodies and crisp playing, all with a warm, joyous veneer that makes [Memphis Circa 3AM] Keith’s best so far.”
Steve Leggett - Allmusic

“Keith tells his stories with melodies that feel like instant, timeless classics.”
Hal Horowitz - American Songwriter

“Keith’s nod to his hometown is both essential and inspired. And that makes Memphis Circa 3AM a timeless tribute as well.”
Lee Zimmerman - Elmore Magazine

“Memphis rocker-about-town Keith fills his second LP under his own name with country, rock, soul and everything else that stokes fires before the Beatles hit. Plus good songs. Lots of ‘em. ”
Michael Toland - The Big Takeover

“For fans of that kind of slapback, Fender-twang pop played by other like-minded popsters from Buddy Holly to Big Star to Tom Petty, John Paul Keith will be a kind of second coming of the power pop savior.”
Matt Collar - AllMusic

“Keith’s instantly appealing singing and tasteful guitar skills might be the immediate ear-catchers, but it’s his way with a catchy melody and compelling lyrics that keep your attention riveted.”

“Every song on this record is perfect.”
Brian K. Reese - Big Rock Candy Mountain

“Some might argue that Keith was born 60 years too late but I’d say that he arrived just in time.”
Mayer Danzig - Twangville

“…everything here hits…Keith is simply an impeccable songwriter and performer.”
The Hurst Review

“…expert songcraft and a love of the raw immediacy of vintage Americana tunesmithery.”
Nate Knaebel - Agit Reader

“…a minor masterpiece of roots rock that would make Nick Lowe grin in admiration.”
Bob Mehr - Memphis Commercial-Appeal

“…if you still get a little tingle down the back of the neck whenever you hear the opening staccato yell of ‘Rave On’, then this is for you.”
Andrew Dowdall - Line Of Best Fit (UK)

“…Keith’s most sustained work, and the one that sounds closest to a complete realization of his broad, democratic vision of roots music. ”
Matthew Everett - Metro Pulse